Buy Battlefield Premium Receive Free Game or Vehicle Shortcut Bundle

Bring in the July 4 holiday with a bang. With one purchase, you can own all five Battlefield 3 expansions, get to play Back to Karkand and Close Quarters right away and get 73 bonus vehicle upgrades. Or, get Medal of Honor™ or Dead Space™ at no additional cost for a summer of incredible gaming.

Buy from Origin – Buy Battlefield Premium and receive a free game. Restrictions apply. Valid 7/3/12 10am PST – 7/10/12 10am PST.


Paradox Bundles up to 86% off – Download Deal of the Week

This week, get three different Paradox bundles for up to 86% savings. The Pint Sized Paradox Package, Plentiful Paradox Package, and Plethora of Paradox Games bundles contain such titles as Crusader Kings II, Warlock: Master of the Arcane, Victoria II, Sword of the Stars, and much more.

Buy from – Amazon

40% off 18 Hot Titles at Origin this Week Only

Head over to Origin for their anniversary celebration to save 40% off 18 great titles this week only.  If your collection is missing any of these titles, now is the time to buy.  This sale ends July 2 at 10AM PDT, don’t delay.

Titles 40% off:

  • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition – $23.99
  • Alice: Madness Returns™ – $17.99
  • Battlefield 2142™ Deluxe Edition – $8.99
  • Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 – $11.99
  • Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars™ – $8.99
  • Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 3 – $11.99
  • Crysis® – $11.99
  • Dead Space™ – $11.99
  • Dead Space™ 2 – $11.99
  • Dragon Age™: Origins – Ultimate Edition – $17.99
  • FIFA Soccer 12 – $11.99
  • Medal of Honor™ – $11.99
  • Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit – $11.99
  • Need for Speed™ SHIFT – $11.99
  • Shank™ – $5.99
  • SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED™ – $11.99
  • The Sims™ 3 – $17.99
  • The Sims™ 3 Pets – $23.99

Buy from Origin – 40% off 18 titles for Origin Anniversary Celebration

All Video Games Gold Box Event June 26

Attention gamers!  Amazon is having an all video games Gold Box event starting at midnight Pacific time, June 26.  Don’t miss out on what are sure to be some amazing deals.

Buy from Amazon – All Video Games Gold Box Event June 26

Dragon Age Series Under $10 for PC and Mac

This week titles in the Dragon Age series are available for digital download for both PC and Mac for under $10.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to play this revered series.

Dragon Age titles for PC:

  • Dragon Age II – $4.99, 75% off
  • Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition – $7.49, 75% off
  • Dragon Age: Origins – $4.99, 75% off
  • Dragon Age: Origins Awakening – $4.99, 75% off
  • Dragon Age Pack (Dragon Age 1 Ultimate Edition and Dragon Age 2) – $9.99, 80% off

Dragon Age titles for Mac:

  • Dragon Age II – $4.99, 75% off
  • Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition – $7.49, 75% off
  • Dragon Age: Origins – $4.99, 75% off
  • Dragon Age: Origins Awakening – $4.99, 75% off
  • Dragon Age Pack (Dragon Age 1 Ultimate Edition and Dragon Age 2) – $9.99, 80% off

Buy from Amazon – Dragon Age Series Download Deal of the Week for PC and Mac

Pre-order an Upcoming Title and Save 50% on Select Titles

This week Origin is offering 50% off select titles when you pre-order any of the following titles.  Offer expires June 25, 2012 at 10AM PDT.

Pre-order titles:

  • NHL 13: Stanley Cup Collector’s Edition
  • Madden NFL 13
  • NCAA Football 13
  • Command & Conquer Generals 2
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter Digital Deluxe
  • Crysis 3 Limited Edition
  • Sim City Digital Deluxe
  • Dead Space 3
  • FIFA Soccer 13
  • The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff
  • The Sims 3 Supernatural Limited Edition
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted Limited Edition

To view select titles, head to Originicon and hover over or click on pre-order titles to view 50% off choices.

Buy from – Origin

Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 – Game Downloads Deal of the Week

This week you can save 70% – 76% on Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 digital downloads in the game download deal of the week.

Buy from Amazon – Game Downloads Deal of the Week – Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 (Deluxe) Bundle for $11.99, Plus Save on the Individual Games

Get Up To 40% Off Special Game Editions at Origin

This week only, get 40% off special editions such as Mass Effect™ 3 N7 Digital Deluxe Edition and The Sims™ 3 Showtime Katy Perry Collector’s Edition. Plus, get 30% off action-combat MMO TERA: Collector’s Edition through June 17.

Save up to 40% when you choose from these select PC digital download special editions.

  • Mass Effect 3 N7 Digital Deluxe Edition – $47.99
  • Star Wars: Digital Deluxe Edition – $49.99
  • The Sims 3 Showtime Katy Perry Collector’s Edition – $29.99
  • TERA: Collector’s Edition – $41.99
  • The Sims 3 Plus Pets – $29.99
  • Rift Ashes of History Collector’s Edition – $17.99
  • Alan Wake Collector’s Edition – $20.99
  • Dragon Age Origins DDX – $14.99
  • The Sims 3 Deluxe – $29.99
  • Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition – $8.99
  • The Sims Medieval Deluxe Pack – $23.99
  • SIMCITY 4 Deluxe Edition – $11.99
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 Digital Deluxe Edition – $29.99
  • The Sims 3 Plus Showtime – $29.99

Buy from Origin – 40% off Special Game Editions


Amazon Video Game Deals Starting June 10

Starting June 10 Amazon is featuring some great video game deals on the following titles.  All titles are eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 – PS3 or Xbox 360 – $39.99 33% off

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – $29.99 48% off

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – PS3 or Xbox 360 – $39.99 33% off

Star Wars: The Old Republic – 9.99 67% off

Risen $5.99 – Game Download Deal of the Week

This week, Risen is available to download for just $5.99. Dive into a mysterious world and battle fearsome monsters while embarking on countless quests, all at a 70% savings. Gear up for summer vacation and beyond in this authentic open world gameplay from Deep Silver, with over 60 hours of epic stories.

Buy from Amazon – Risen [Download]

10% Off All Games at Green Man Gaming with Code

Yes, that’s right, Green Man Gaming is offering voucher code “UBISO-FTISG-LOBAL” that you can use at checkout to get an additional 10% off any game purchased, including games that are already discounted.  This code is only valid until 1100 UTC June 13th so don’t miss out on the savings.

Save an extra 10% at – Green Man Gaming

Amazing Anuman Set 50% off at GOG

This weekend only, GOG is having the Amazing Anuman Set 50% off.  This includes 16 classic titles that can be purchased individually or all 16 for $69.84.

Titles include:

  • Amerzone – The Explorer’s Legacy
  • Atlantis 2: Beyond Atlantis
  • Atlantis 3: The New World
  • Atlantis: The Lost Tales
  • Haegemonia Gold Edition
  • Iron Storm
  • MegaRace 1+2
  • MegaRace 3
  • Moto Racer
  • Moto Racer 2
  • Moto Racer 3
  • Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood
  • Still Life
  • Still Life 2
  • Syberia
  • Syberia 2

Buy from GOG – Amazing Anuman Set 50% off

Pre-order Video Games Seen at E3

See a game or twelve at E3 you can’t live without?  Why not pre-order your copy today and never miss a second of the gaming action.  The page will be updated daily with new titles as they are announced at E3 so check back often.

Buy from Amazon – Pre-order Games Shown at E3

Battlefield 3 Premium Exclusive Deals

Origin has just announced three Battlefield 3 Premium Exclusive Deals.  Act now to get early access to all DLC and save some money too.

Deal #1 Battlefield 3 Premium $49.99 - Battlefield 3 Premium is a one-time purchase containing a staggering amount of content. You’ll get early access to all four upcoming expansion packs and can play the Back to Karkand expansion right away. You’ll receive a host of unique in-game items not available anywhere else, including the ACB-90 knife, a set of dog tags and exclusive soldier and weapon camos. Plus, get access to new features such as server queue priority and the ability to reset stats. Whether you want to get early access, to stand out with unique in-game items or to use the powerful new features, Battlefield 3 Premium gives you an unprecedented multiplayer experience.  Expansions include Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill, Aftermath, and Endgame.

Deal #2 Battlefield 3 Premium + Ultimate Shortcut Bundle $69.99 - Want to grab Battlefield 3 Premium and unlock tons of weapons and gear? Feel like you’re fighting uphill against Battlefield veterans? Want a jump start on a class you’ve been neglecting? Get Battlefield 3 Premium along with the Ultimate Shortcut Bundle, which unlocks all 119 weapons and gadgets, as well as all the ground and air vehicle upgrades. If you’re already on the battlefield, this is the ideal way to pick up Premium and advance in all four classes.  Includes all content from Battlefield 3 Premium plus the Ultimate Shortcut Bundle.

Deal #3 Base Battlefield 3 game + Premium + Ultimate Shortcut Bundle $99.99 - New to the game? Start from Day 1 with most intense, rich Battlefield 3 experience ever. You’ll get expansions, early access, exclusive in-game items and server queue priority with Battlefield 3 Premium. Plus, unlock 119 weapons, gear and vehicle upgrades with the Ultimate Shortcut Bundle. Instantly catch up to veteran players so you can hold your own on the battlefield. It’s the best value and best way to jump into the action.  Includes base Battlefield 3 game, Battlefield 3 Premium and the Ultimate Shortcut Bundle.

The special pricing on Deal #2 and Deal #3 are good from 6/4/2012 through 7/1/2012.  Don’t delay, save today!

Buy from Origin – Battlefield 3 Premium Exclusive Deals


NBA 2K12 and MLB 2K12 for $9.99, Plus Crysis Maximum Edition for $8.99 – Deal of the Week

This week, MLB 2K12 and NBA 2K12 are available to download for just $9.99 each. Below you’ll see two purchase options for each game – one version that uses Steam DRM and another which uses Securom DRM. To top it off, we’re also offering Crysis Maximum Edition for $8.99. This edition of the original Crysis game includes the base game plus Crysis Warhead and Crysis Wars. Buying this bundle at $8.99 results in a total of 70% in savings. Gear up for summer vacation and beyond with these tried and true sports franchises from 2K Games or the original game of a popular Electronic Arts series.

Steam DRM:

Major League Baseball 2K12 [Online Game Code]
NBA 2K12 [Online Game Code]


Crysis Maximum Edition [Download]
Major League Baseball 2K12 [Download]
NBA 2K12 [Download]

Buy from Amazon – Video Game Downloads Deal of the Week