All Video Game Gold Box on 05/29

Starting at midnight Pacific time on May 29 Amazon is hosting an all video games gold box event.  Don’t miss out on what is sure to be a bunch of fantastic deals on video games and video game accessories.

The Deal of the Day is 50% off Prototype 2 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, now only $29.99 and ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping – Prototype 2

Buy from Amazon – All Video Games Gold Box Event 05/29

All Video Games Gold Box Event at Amazon starting at midnight Pacific time 05/29.

Painkiller Complete Pack 75% off – Steam

Haven’t played one of the Painkiller?  Now is your chance to play this frenetic shooter for an unbelievable 75% off $7.49.  The Painkiller Complete Pack includes Painkiller Overdose, Painkiller Redemption, Painkiller: Black Edition, Painkiller: Recurring Evil, and Painkiller: Resurrection.  Wow, that’s a lot of Painkiller!  Are you as numb as I am by this unbelievable bargain?

Get it from Steam – Painkiller Complete Pack Daily Deal at Steam $7.49

Painkiller Complete Pack Daily Deal at Steam $7.49

Steam deals on 21 titles – Get them while they’re cheap!

Steam has amazing deals available on 21 titles for PC and Mac as of 05/15.  Don’t miss out on these great savings of up to 75% off.  Further, with SteamPlay you get both the PC and Mac version on select titles (where noted).

  • Dear Esther – $4.99 (50%) PC and Mac
  • Mini Ninjas – $3.74 (75%) PC
  • Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition – $2.49 (75%) PC and Mac
  • Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter – $7.50 (75%) PC
  • The Dream Machine (Chapter 1 and 2) – $3.99 (20%) PC and Mac
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic- $7.49 (25%) PC and Mac
  • ORION: Dino Beatdown – $8.99 (10%) PC
  • Avernum 4 – $3.99 (20%) PC
  • Avernum 5 – $3.99 (20%) PC
  • Avernum 6 – $3.99 (20%) PC
  • Offspring Fling! – $6.39 (20%) PC and Mac
  • Dynamite Jack – $3.99 (20%) PC and Mac
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast – $7.49 (25%) PC and Mac
  • Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter – $5.00 (75%) PC
  • Serious Sam HD: Gold Edition – $10.00 (75%) PC
  • The Dream Machine: Chapter 3 DLC – $3.99 (20%) PC and Mac
  • Serious Sam HD: Double Pack – $7.50 (75%) PC
  • Endless Space – $22.49 (25%) PC
  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – $44.99 (10%) PC
  • Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – $13.49 (10%) PC
  • DiRT Showdown – $44.99 (10%) PC

Buy from Steam – 21 Awesome Deals at Steam

Metroid Other M – Daily Deal at Buy

Join Samus Aran in Metroid Other M for the Nintendo Wii in a seamless blend of 3rd and 1st person play.  Pick up this fantastic game today at Buy for only $15.31 plus FREE SHIPPING and earn 16 Super Points.

About Metroid Other M:

For decades, Samus Aran has been known as one of the first female protagonists in video games, and one of the most enigmatic. Having traded her haunted past for the solitary life of a bounty hunter, Samus™ finally tells her own tale in this revealing, personal story of her failings, her flaws and ultimately her motivation. Metroid: Other M is an unprecedented collaboration that blends the slick, action-packed production of the world-renowned Team Ninja development team with the game design talents of the creators of the original Metroid. Metroid: Other M is a dramatic new direction for a legendary franchise and a bold new blend between cinematics, storytelling and the best in interactive entertainment.

Get it from Buy – Metroid Other M
Metroid Other M for Nintendo Wii

Wii Console (Black) With New Super Mario Bros. – Daily Deal

Nintendo Wii and Super Mario Bros. fans, head over to today to pick up their daily deal and save some money.  The Wii Console (Black) with New Super Mario Bros. is available today for only $137.99 + FREE SHIPPING, plus you earn 138 Super Points.  This is a savings of 8% off the regular price.  Bring some motion gaming into your living room today.


  • Bundle contents include: Black Wii Console, Wii Remote Plus, Nunchuck, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2 soundtrack
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Access For Easy Connection To Internet
  • Netflix instant streaming functionality allows for thousands of movies, TV shows, cartoons and more right on your TV
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii offers a 1-4 player, cooperative or competitive experience
  • The newly configured black Wii console is designed exclusively for Wii game play and entertainment experiences (Nintendo GameCube software and accessories are not supported)

Get it from – Buy.comicon
Nintendo Wii (Black) with New Super Mario Bros. - Daily Deal

All Video Games Gold Box Event at Amazon 4/24

Today, April 24, 2012, Amazon is running an All Video Games Gold Box Event.  The Deal of the Day for the Gold Box is Mass Effect 3 for $29.99 and ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.  Mass Effect 3 is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and PC Download at this incredible price of 50% off.

Furthermore, starting at 6 AM PDT Amazon will offer the first of nine new video game related items in the Gold Box at unbelievable savings with the last deal starting at 8 PM PDT.

Don’t miss out on any of the savings, buy from Amazon – All Video Games Gold Box Event 4/24

Capcom Digital Collection – Deal of the Day

Capcom fans rejoice!  The Capcom Digital Collection has arrived for Xbox 360.  It is comprised of eight titles previously available only on Xbox LIVE.  Not anymore, the retail collection is ready to punch, kick, and blast its way into your gaming collection.  The Capcom Digital Collection is available as Deal of the Day at Buy for only $34.99 plus free shipping and you also earn 35 Super Points.  That’s a savings of 12%.


  • Collection Of Hit Games: Features eight titles never before released at retail. The compilation consists of: 1942: Joint Strike, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Final Fight Double Impact (includes Final Fight and Magic Sword), Flock!
  • Also includes: Rocketmen: Axis of Evil including Rocketmen: It Came From Uranus expansion, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3.
  • FAITHFUL CONTENT: Each game in the collection maintains all features, online functionality and Achievements from the previous digital versions.
  • GREAT VALUE: At an MSRP of $39.99, the collection provides a great entertainment value. Purchased individually via download, this assembly of games would be more than double the cost.

Get it from Buy – Capcom Digital Collection – Deal of the Day

Capcom Digital Collection - Xbox 360

Ridge Racer: Unbounded – Daily Deal at Buy

Head over to Buy to pick up today’s daily deal, Ridge Racer: Unbounded (Xbox 360) for only $49.99 plus free shipping and earn 50 Super Points.  That’s a savings of 16%.

With RIDGE RACER® Unbounded™, the RIDGE RACER® franchise gears up to carve its own destructive path on a spectacular collision course with PlayStation®3, Xbox 360® and PC. RIDGE RACER® Unbounded™ adds an unexpected destructive dimension to the series, delivering an original blast of ferocious racing adrenaline. Join the Unbounded street racing gang and test your driving skills against rivals in every street and alley of Shatter Bay. Prove your worth behind the wheel to get respect and expand your turf. For endless race variety, use the simple but powerful City Creator to design amazing original tracks in minutes.

Get it from Buy – Ridge Racer: Unbounded – Deal of the Day

Ridge Racer: Unbounded

Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure – Daily Deal at Buy

Kinect fans, listen up.  Today has Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure listed as their daily deal.  You can purchase this Kinect title for only $42.99 + FREE shipping (plus earn 43 Super Points), that’s a savings of 14%.

Product Features

  • Fast-paced adventure
  • Using Kinect, play the leading role as a unique character in your own Pixar story
  • Full body movement/gameplay
  • Puzzle solving
  • Cooperative gameplay with Pixar characters or another player
  • Explore faithfully rendered Pixar worlds (immersive worlds)
  • Unlock in-game content and characters
  • Collectibles

Get it from – Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure
Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure

Free App of the Day – Pirate Mysteries

Android fans, the free app of the day today is Pirate Mysteries, regularly $0.99 now $0.00 (100% off).

Pirate Mysteries is a mysterious tale of monkeys, masks, and hidden objects. Explore exotic lands while trying to save your demon-possessed father in this fun and humorous hidden object game. Meet unique characters, solve ancient puzzles and riddles, and journey through an adventure that stretches from the shores of the Atlantic to the darkest corners of the Land of the Dead.

Buy from Amazon – Pirate Mysteries

If that’s not your thing, check out all Appstore Deals for savings up to 50% off premium Andriod games and apps – Premium Android Games and Apps up to 50% off

Deal of the Day – Sharkoon X-Tatic SP Gaming Headset

Looking for a new gaming headset to give you that sound advantage in games over your enemies? If so, today’s Deal of the Day is going to make you and your wallet very happy. Normally these cans are $69.99, today only $49.99 (29% off).  Check out the Sharkoon X-Tatic SP Gaming Headset, compatible with PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, and Linux.

Sophisticated in design and technology – with the X-Tatic SP you gain a state-of-the-art stereo gaming headset giving you the crucial sound advantage for epic gaming sessions on your PlayStation3 or Xbox 360 or PC. Simply connect the X-Tatic SP to your game console through the analog interface and instantly experience a whole new world of sound delivered by the built-in amplifier. Easily configure your personal sound using the in-line volume controller while chatting with your friends via “USB to PS3″ or “Xbox Live”.

Buy from Amazon – Sharkoon X-Tatic SP Gaming Headset

Deal of the Day – PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter

Are you a fan of PlayStation Move and FPS/action games like Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Socom 4, MAG, etc.?  Then today’s Deal of the Day was made for you.  Head over to get your PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter on the cheap and take your gaming experience to a new level.  Today’s deal drops the price to $24.99 (38% off).  Don’t miss out on this amazing deal.

Buy from Amazon – PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter

Already have PlayStation Move and a Sharp Shooter but looking for some new Move experiences?  Head over to the PlayStation Move Store.

Deal of the Day – Jewel Link Chronicles: Mountains of Madness

Buy Jewel Link Chronicles: Mountains of Madness for Nintendo DS today and save 50% off the regular price of $29.99, today only $14.99.

  • Solve Match 3 jewel boards to complete levels
  • Find hidden objects to uncover clues
  • Shuffle and Cyclone buttons add extra challenge to each jewel board
  • Over 1,000 items to be discovered
  • Features 4 thrilling modes & countless hours of gameplay

Buy from Amazon – Jewel Link Chronicles: Mountains of Madness

Deal of the Day – Xbox LIVE 3 Month Gold Membership

Right now, get an Xbox LIVE 3 Month Gold Membership and save an amazing 40%.  Available today for only $14.99.  Get this deal while it lasts!

  • Xbox LIVE® is the online subscription for your Xbox 360®.
  • Play Kinect™ and controller games online with friends wherever they are.
  • Watch thousands of HD movies and TV shows instantly from Netflix.
  • Watch any current season episode of dozens of popular TV shows with Hulu Plus.
  • Watch live and on-demand HD sports from ESPN on Xbox LIVE.
  • Chat with friends face-to-face on your TV with Video Kinect.
  • Keep in touch with friends with Facebook and Twitter, right on your TV.
  • Listen to unlimited songs with Zune® Music Pass.

Buy from Amazon – Xbox LIVE 3 Month Gold Membership

Deal of the Day

Do you own a Kinect for Xbox 360 and want to have some fun getting in shape?  Then the  Deal of the Day is for you.  Right now, you can pick up Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure for Xbox 360 and Kinect at an amazing 50% off.  Getting in shape has never been easier on your wallet.

Jillian Michaels, red hot health and wellness icon, best-selling author and co-host of ‘The Doctors’ makes her debut on Kinect for Xbox 360! Get ready to use your entire body this time as players join Jillian on an interactive adventure, which of course will also be filled with Jillian’s trademark intensity! Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Adventure, the latest iteration of the Jillian Michaels franchise, takes your fitness routine beyond a basic workout and turns it into a real adventure through a mission-based journey set in a lush jungle temple environment. The high-energy and fully customizable motion-based experience offers a thrilling personal training experience that you can only expect from teaming up with Jillian to achieve your fitness goals.

Buy from Amazon – Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure

Deal of the Day

Pick up Okamiden for Nintendo DS today for 41% off.

Ōkamiden is a single player action-adventure game for DS and DSi. Sequel to Capcom’s critically acclaimed Ōkami, Ōkamiden is a whole new adventure that picks up where the original game left off and features an all-new new, but familiar hero in the form of the young deity Chibiterasu and integrates Japanese calligraphy and scroll paintings with the game’s action-adventure and puzzle-solving gameplay mechanics. Additional features include the return of the franchises “Celestial Brush” game mechanic, an in-game partner system allowing players to join forces with AI characters, DS stylus and touchscreen driven action, interactive puzzle play and more.

Buy from Amazon – Okamiden

Deal of the Day

Want to catch up on the Mass Effect universe before playing Mass Effect 3?  Now is the time if you’re a PC gamer.  Amazon has Mass Effect 1 and 2 on-sale today, separately or as a bundle for additional savings.

This week, you can download our Mass Effect Dual Pack and get Mass Effect and Mass Effect – Digital Deluxe Edition for just $11.99. Or, pick them up individually at $5.99 each ($8.99 for the digital deluxe edition of Mass Effect 2.

Buy from Amazon – Mass Effect Dual Pack [Download]

Buy from Amazon – Mass Effect 2 [Download]

Buy from Amazon – Mass Effect [Download]