Pre-order God of War: Ascension

Pre-order the next visceral experience in the God of War series, God of War: Ascension, for PlayStation 3 and join Kratos as he seeks freedom, redemption, and the clarity to avenge his family in the most ambitious God of War adventure in the series so far.

About God of War: Ascension:

Vengeance is born in the fires of betrayal in this prequel to the best-selling God of War franchise. Six months have passed since Kratos stood over the bodies of his wife and child, his hands stained with their blood – tricked by Ares into murdering the only people he ever loved. Swearing to avenge them, Kratos broke the blood oath that bound him to Ares, but oaths to Olympus are not so easily broken…

Sentenced to an eternity chained within a prison for the living damned, Kratos battles insanity at the hands of the Furies. He will be tested as he seeks freedom, redemption for his sins, and the clarity to avenge his family.

  • Multiplayer comes to God of War for the first time. Take the epic God of War combat online with 8-player objective-based combat.
  • Align yourself to Zeus, Ares, Poseidon, or Hades and earn their Favor to unlock new customization options for your multiplayer Gladiator.
  • Experience Kratos’ quest for freedom from the very beginning with an epic new single-player story.
  • New combat and puzzle mechanics build on the award-winning God of War gameplay.

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View God of War: Ascension Announce Trailer.

Pre-order Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Receive Drilling Ship Co-op Map Free as a Bonus

When you pre-order Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier from Amazon you’ll receive the exclusive Drilling Ship co-op map free as a bonus for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms.  In addition to that, when you pre-order the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version you’ll also receive an additional $10 promotional credit on future purchases from Amazon (exclusions apply).  Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier will be released on May 22, 2012.

About Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier:

There is nothing fair, honorable, or just about combat. There is only winning and losing—the dead and the living. The Ghosts don’t fret about even odds. They do everything in their power to overwhelm and obliterate the enemy. Future technology is the key to winning an asymmetric battle.

In Ghost Recon Future Soldier join an elite team of highly trained, cut-throat special-ops soldiers. Armed to the teeth with unrivalled combat technology and cutting-edge military hardware, Ghost Recon takes you to the globe’s most deadly warzones to hunt down the highest value targets.

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Game Downloads Deal of the Week – Save 75% on Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Dungeon Siege 3

This week at Amazon the PC game download deal of the week is for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Dungeon Siege 3.  Deus Ex: Human Revolution Standard Edition is priced at $6.99 (77%), Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition is $7.99 (80%), and Dungeon Siege 3 is $4.99 (75%).  These amazing deals are not to be missed.  At these prices, can you really afford not to buy them?

About Deus Ex: Human Revolution:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the return to one of the most critically acclaimed video game franchises of all time. The game tells the story of Adam Jensen, a man cybernetically augmented against his own choice who finds himself in the middle of a global conspiracy to which he holds the key. By offering players the chance to advance through the game in multiple and vastly different ways, Deus Ex: Human Revolution challenges the foundations of gaming and provides an immersive experience where every choice has a lasting consequence.

About Dungeon Siege 3:

Dungeon Siege 3 is an Action RPG that seamlessly blends intuitive fast-paced gameplay, a robust RPG system featuring a large selection of abilities, loot galore and the depth of story Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment are known for creating. Players will be able to adventure by themselves, on the couch with friends, or online in a fully multiplayer experience.

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Pre-order Assassin’s Creed III and get a SteelBook Case as a Bonus

Pre-order Assassin’s Creed III for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 from Amazon and receive the exclusive bonus SteelBook case featuring art drawn by award-winning comic artist Alex Ross.  This title is also available for pre-order for PC and PC Download but the pre-order bonus does not apply.  Assassin’s Creed III will be released on all platforms October 30, 2012, exclusive bonus offer is available while supplies last.  Order today.

About Assassin’s Creed III:

The American Colonies, 1775. It’s a time of civil unrest and political upheaval in the Americas. As a Native American assassin fights to protect his land and his people, he will ignite the flames of a young nation’s revolution. Assassin’s Creed III takes you back to the American Revolutionary War, but not the one you’ve read about in history books.

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Featured Video Game Deals – Amazon

This week Amazon is featuring three separate video game titles as well as a headset for Xbox 360.  Sonic Generations for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 for $21.99 (56%), White Knight Chronicles II for PlayStation 3 for $23.69 (21%), Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for Nintendo DS for $11.99 (60%), and Tritton Primer Wireless Stereo Headset for Xbox 360 for $74.99 (25%).

Get these great deals from Amazon today:

Sonic Generations

White Knight Chronicles II

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Tritton Primer Wireless Stereo Headset for Xbox 360

Get Saints Row: The Third for 20% Off at GMG

Right now, Green Man Gaming has Saints Row: The Third discounted by 20%, making it only $39.99.  They also let you try before you buy, allowing you to stream a demo through your browser.  Head over to Green Man Gaming today and save.

About Saints Row: The Third:

Years after taking Stilwater for their own, the Third Street Saints have evolved from street gang to household brand name, with Saints sneakers, Saints energy drinks and Johnny Gat bobble head dolls all available at a store near you.

The Saints are kings of Stilwater, but their celebrity status has not gone unnoticed. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal fraternity with pawns in play all over the globe, has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute. Refusing to kneel to the Syndicate, you take the fight to Steelport, a once-proud metropolis reduced to a struggling city of sin under Syndicate control.

Take a tank skydiving, call in a satellite-targeted airstrike on a Mexican wrestling gang, and defend yourself against a highly-trained military force using only a sex toy in the most out- landish gameplay scenarios ever seen, igniting a city-wide war that will set Steelport on fire.

Strap it on.

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Metroid Other M – Daily Deal at Buy

Join Samus Aran in Metroid Other M for the Nintendo Wii in a seamless blend of 3rd and 1st person play.  Pick up this fantastic game today at Buy for only $15.31 plus FREE SHIPPING and earn 16 Super Points.

About Metroid Other M:

For decades, Samus Aran has been known as one of the first female protagonists in video games, and one of the most enigmatic. Having traded her haunted past for the solitary life of a bounty hunter, Samus™ finally tells her own tale in this revealing, personal story of her failings, her flaws and ultimately her motivation. Metroid: Other M is an unprecedented collaboration that blends the slick, action-packed production of the world-renowned Team Ninja development team with the game design talents of the creators of the original Metroid. Metroid: Other M is a dramatic new direction for a legendary franchise and a bold new blend between cinematics, storytelling and the best in interactive entertainment.

Get it from Buy – Metroid Other M
Metroid Other M for Nintendo Wii

Serious Sam 3 BFE 66% Off at Steam and Amazon

Grab your copy of Serious Sam 3 BFE for the unbelievable price of only $13.60, that’s 66% off.  You can choose between either of your favorite digital download destinations, Amazon or Steam.  The PC version is available from both Amazon and Steam, while the Mac version is only available at Steam at this time.  Offer ends April 30, don’t miss it.

About Serious Sam 3 BFE:

Serious Sam 3: BFE is a glorious throwback to the golden age of first-person shooters where men were men, cover was for amateurs and pulling the trigger made things go boom. Serving as a prequel to the original indie sensation, Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Serious Sam 3 takes place during the Earth’s final struggle against Mental’s invading legions of beasts and mercenaries. Set against the collapsing temples of an ancient civilization and the crumbling cities of 22nd century Egypt, Serious Sam 3 is an exhilarating fusion of classic twitch shooters and modern gameplay features.


Buy from Amazon – Serious Sam 3: BFE [Download]

Buy from Steam – Serious Sam 3: BFE

EA Guns and Spells 50% Off This Weekend Only at

Nostalgia gaming fans, this weekend only at is a big 50% off sale on six classic titles.  Grab amazing savings on Syndicate, Crusader: No Remorse, Crusader: No Regret, Nox, Lands of Lore 1 + 2, or Magic Carpet.  All of these titles are available for $2.99 each or as a bundle of all six for $17.94.

Head over to and get your gaming nostalgia fix today – EA Guns and Spells 50% Off –

Pre-order Far Cry 3 with Amazon-exclusive Warrior Pack

Pre-order Far Cry 3 for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 and receive the Amazon-exclusive Warrior Pack for free as a bonus.  The Warrior Pack offers an exclusive tattoo and dagger for the single-player experience and unlocks the tattoo editor for you to customize your character for multiplayer.  Far Cry 3 will ship for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms on September 4, 2012 and ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

About Far Cry 3:

Far From Safe. Far From Sane.

Far beyond the limits of civilization lies an island, a lawless place ruled by violence and human suffering, where your only escape is through drugs or the muzzle of a gun. This is where you find yourself, stranded in a place that has forgotten right from wrong, a place where you must live by the principles of violence to survive. Discover the island’s bloody secrets and take the fight to the enemy; improvise and use your environment to your advantage; and outwit its roster of ruthless, deranged inhabitants. Beware the beauty and mystery of this island of insanity… You’ll need more than luck to escape alive.

Buy from Amazon – Far Cry 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Free Weekend at Steam

PC Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 fans, listen up.  This weekend Steam is offering the multiplayer portion of the game absolutely free all weekend long (ends Sunday at 1PM PST).  If you fall in love with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Valve has you covered by offering it for the low price of $39.99, a savings of 33%.

About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3:

The best-selling first person action series of all-time returns with the epic sequel to multiple “Game of the Year” award winner, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2. In the world’s darkest hour, are you willing to do what is necessary? Prepare yourself for a cinematic thrill-ride only Call of Duty can deliver. The definitive Multiplayer experience returns bigger and better than ever, loaded with new maps, modes and features. Co-Op play has evolved with all-new Spec-Ops missions and leaderboards, as well as Survival Mode, an action-packed combat progression unlike any other.

Play for free or buy it from Steam – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Alternatively, buy it from Amazon for the same price – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [Download]

Dead Space 1 and 2 – Midweek Madness at Steam

Attention PC Dead Space fans.  Right now Valve’s Steam digital download service is having a midweek madness sale on Dead Space and Dead Space 2, offering the titles at a staggering 75% off.  Yes, that’s right, you can pick up either of these fantastic games for only $4.99 each during this amazing sale.  Hurry, offer ends today at 4PM Pacific!  Don’t miss out.

Dead Space: Only the Dead Survive. A massive deep-space mining ship goes dark after unearthing a strange artifact on a distant planet. Engineer Isaac Clarke embarks on the repair mission, only to uncover a nightmarish blood bath — the ship’s crew horribly…

Dead Space 2: In Dead Space™ 2, you join Isaac Clarke, the Systems Engineer from Dead Space, as he wakes up three years after the horrific events on the USG Ishimura.

Buy it from Steam – Dead Space and Dead Space 2 – Midweek Madness 75% Off

Alternatively, buy it from Amazon PC download for the same price – Dead Space and Dead Space 2 75% Off

Max Payne 3 Pre-order Deals

Information from Rockstar about Max Payne 3:

For Max, the tragedies that took his loved ones years ago are wounds that refuse to heal. No longer a cop, close to washed up and addicted to pain killers, he takes a job in São Paulo, Brazil, protecting the family of wealthy real estate mogul Rodrigo Branco, in an effort to finally escape his troubled past. But as events spiral out of his control, Max Payne finds himself alone on the streets of an unfamiliar city, desperately searching for the truth and fighting for a way out.

Featuring cutting edge shooting mechanics for precision gunplay, advanced new Bullet Time® and Shootdodge™ effects, full integration of Natural Motion’s Euphoria Character Behavior system for lifelike movement and a dark and twisted story, Max Payne 3 is a seamless, highly detailed, cinematic experience.

Max Payne 3 will be available for the Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 on May 15, 2012 in North America and May 18, 2012 in Europe, with the PC version launching on May 29th, 2012 in North America and June 1st, 2012 in Europe.

Pre-order deal information:

  • Amazon is offering a $10 credit (good towards video games only) with pre-order of Max Payne 3 Standard Edition for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC boxed version - Max Payne 3
  • Amazon is offering a free copy of Max Payne 2 (limited time), plus a $10 credit on any of the 11 Rockstar games sold by Amazon, and the following DLC: Classic Multiplayer Character Pack, Disorderly Conduct Multiplayer Weapons Pack, Pill Bottle item, Max Payne Retro Avatar, and the Amazon Exclusive Deadly Force Burst with pre-order of Max Payne 3 Standard Edition the PC Download version - Max Payne 3 [Download]
  • Wal-mart is offering a free code for Max Payne 1 as a bonus with pre-order of Max Payne 3 for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 - Max Payne 3
  • is offering a bonus of 2,000 Super Points ($20 value) with pre-order of Max Payne 3 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC – Max Payne 3
  • GamersGate is offering the Classic Multiplayer Character Pack, Disorderly Conduct, Multiplayer Weapons Pack, Pill Bottle item, Classic Max Payne 1 multiplayer skin, a full copy of Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, and 10% back in BlueCoins with pre-order of Max Payne 3 for PC – Max Payne 3

Update: Added GamersGate pre-order details.

Watch Max Payne 3 Official TV Commercial.

Wii Console (Black) With New Super Mario Bros. – Daily Deal

Nintendo Wii and Super Mario Bros. fans, head over to today to pick up their daily deal and save some money.  The Wii Console (Black) with New Super Mario Bros. is available today for only $137.99 + FREE SHIPPING, plus you earn 138 Super Points.  This is a savings of 8% off the regular price.  Bring some motion gaming into your living room today.


  • Bundle contents include: Black Wii Console, Wii Remote Plus, Nunchuck, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2 soundtrack
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Access For Easy Connection To Internet
  • Netflix instant streaming functionality allows for thousands of movies, TV shows, cartoons and more right on your TV
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii offers a 1-4 player, cooperative or competitive experience
  • The newly configured black Wii console is designed exclusively for Wii game play and entertainment experiences (Nintendo GameCube software and accessories are not supported)

Get it from – Buy.comicon
Nintendo Wii (Black) with New Super Mario Bros. - Daily Deal

All Video Games Gold Box Event at Amazon 4/24

Today, April 24, 2012, Amazon is running an All Video Games Gold Box Event.  The Deal of the Day for the Gold Box is Mass Effect 3 for $29.99 and ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.  Mass Effect 3 is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and PC Download at this incredible price of 50% off.

Furthermore, starting at 6 AM PDT Amazon will offer the first of nine new video game related items in the Gold Box at unbelievable savings with the last deal starting at 8 PM PDT.

Don’t miss out on any of the savings, buy from Amazon – All Video Games Gold Box Event 4/24

Capcom Digital Collection – Deal of the Day

Capcom fans rejoice!  The Capcom Digital Collection has arrived for Xbox 360.  It is comprised of eight titles previously available only on Xbox LIVE.  Not anymore, the retail collection is ready to punch, kick, and blast its way into your gaming collection.  The Capcom Digital Collection is available as Deal of the Day at Buy for only $34.99 plus free shipping and you also earn 35 Super Points.  That’s a savings of 12%.


  • Collection Of Hit Games: Features eight titles never before released at retail. The compilation consists of: 1942: Joint Strike, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Final Fight Double Impact (includes Final Fight and Magic Sword), Flock!
  • Also includes: Rocketmen: Axis of Evil including Rocketmen: It Came From Uranus expansion, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3.
  • FAITHFUL CONTENT: Each game in the collection maintains all features, online functionality and Achievements from the previous digital versions.
  • GREAT VALUE: At an MSRP of $39.99, the collection provides a great entertainment value. Purchased individually via download, this assembly of games would be more than double the cost.

Get it from Buy – Capcom Digital Collection – Deal of the Day

Capcom Digital Collection - Xbox 360

Ridge Racer: Unbounded – Daily Deal at Buy

Head over to Buy to pick up today’s daily deal, Ridge Racer: Unbounded (Xbox 360) for only $49.99 plus free shipping and earn 50 Super Points.  That’s a savings of 16%.

With RIDGE RACER® Unbounded™, the RIDGE RACER® franchise gears up to carve its own destructive path on a spectacular collision course with PlayStation®3, Xbox 360® and PC. RIDGE RACER® Unbounded™ adds an unexpected destructive dimension to the series, delivering an original blast of ferocious racing adrenaline. Join the Unbounded street racing gang and test your driving skills against rivals in every street and alley of Shatter Bay. Prove your worth behind the wheel to get respect and expand your turf. For endless race variety, use the simple but powerful City Creator to design amazing original tracks in minutes.

Get it from Buy – Ridge Racer: Unbounded – Deal of the Day

Ridge Racer: Unbounded

Game Downloads Deal of the Week – Buy One, Get One

Amazon is offering a buy one, get one deal for their game download deal of the week on publisher 1C downloads.  This offer is available on nearly 75 titles, like the Men of War series, NecroVision, Cryostasis, Penumbra Collection, and many more.

This week, buy any of the $5 games from 1C and get a $5 promotional credit good for any other game in the below list. Simply buy and download any game below, and we’ll send you an email notifying you that you have earned the credit. To redeem, simply return to this page, purchase a game, and the discount will be automatically applied. The $5 credit is valid on the below 1C games until May 28, 2012.

Buy from Amazon – Game Downloads Deal of the Week

NOTE:  Amazon is also planning to have an All Video Games Gold Box Event Starting midnight Pacific time, April 24.  Don’t forget to check that out as well for great savings. Click here April 24

Tower Bloxx Deluxe 80% Off – GMG

Tower Bloxx Deluxe fans, it’s never been a better time to pick up this once mobile -only gem, now available for PC at an amazing low price of $0.99.  That’s 80% off the normal price and is truly rock bottom savings.  Act now to pick up Tower Bloxx Deluxe for PC at these unbeatable savings.

Reach for the skies in this wacky skyscraper construction game! In Tower Bloxx™ Deluxe, your task is to build brand new homes for the Tower Toons™ – funny little people who move in and turn the lights on before they even have a roof over their heads! It’s a test of skill – the better you drop new floors on the swaying tower, the happier they will be. But it’s windy up there, so you better keep your cool since a mistake might cost you a bunch of floors! Casual one-button game play will get you into building tall towers in no time – but it takes practice to really master Tower Bloxx™ Deluxe. Tower Bloxx Deluxe improves on the award-winning original with amazing new visual effects, more in-depth game play and two brand new game modes and brand new minigame.


  • Addictive and fun along with original one-button mechanics
  • Stunning visual style and effects
  • A more in-depth and immersive Play Story game mode with puzzles and brand new minigame
  • Dozens of unlockable game elements
  • New comic style characters
  • Quick Game mode for building the tallest tower in the universe!
  • Time Challenge mode for competing against the clock
  • Party Game mode for instant split-screen multiplayer fun for up to four players!
  • Achievement system with over 70 individual goals to be achieved

Get it from – Green Man Gaming

Tower Bloxx Deluxe - PC

Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure – Daily Deal at Buy

Kinect fans, listen up.  Today has Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure listed as their daily deal.  You can purchase this Kinect title for only $42.99 + FREE shipping (plus earn 43 Super Points), that’s a savings of 14%.

Product Features

  • Fast-paced adventure
  • Using Kinect, play the leading role as a unique character in your own Pixar story
  • Full body movement/gameplay
  • Puzzle solving
  • Cooperative gameplay with Pixar characters or another player
  • Explore faithfully rendered Pixar worlds (immersive worlds)
  • Unlock in-game content and characters
  • Collectibles

Get it from – Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure
Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure